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Monster Apple Eating Contest
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Date: July 4, 2017
Time: 3:00 pm
Where: Independence Day Festival
Location: Shreveport Festival Plaza.

Winner will be determined by and the contest will be governed by the following:

  • You have 7 minutes to consume by weight as many apples as possible.
  • All apples will be weighed before given to each contestant.
  • At the conclusion of the 7 minutes the remaining apples and parts of apples will be weighed again then subtracted from the opening weight to determine how much was consumed.
  • All apples must be eaten off of the stick (no slices).
  • Each of the apples will weigh between 1 pound and 1½ pounds.
  • The majority of each granny smith apple must be consumed along with the caramel, pecans, milk Chocolate and white chocolate. Anything eaten must be swallowed and kept down for entire contest for which you are registered. Anything spit out will disqualify you.

Entry Fee (no refunds):
Eat all the apples you can eat in 7 minutes!

  • Children under 12 fee is $3.00
  • Ages 13 and over fee is $5.00

Contestant Groups:
There will 3 groups of contestant

  • Group 1 - Children 12 years and under (Limit 25)
  • Group 2 - Celebrities of Shreveport and Bossier City
  • Group 3 - Open competition of 13 years and older. (Limit 30)


  • For group 1 prizes are $75.00, $50.00 and $25.00
  • For group 2 our sincere appreciation and bragging rights for 1 year.
  • For group 3 prizes are $150.00, $100.00 and $75.00
I have read the rules posted here and agree that I hereby acknowledge and agree to the following, as a condition of participation in the apple-­‐eating contest. My participation is voluntary, and I am acting under my own free will. There is a potential for risks and dangers that may not be obvious or reasonably foreseeable at this time. I do not have any medical ailments, physical limitations, or mental disabilities that will affect my ability to participate. The Chocolate Crocodile, KTBS and any individuals in charge of the event undertakes no direct legal or financial responsibility for my personal safety or well being when I am participating. I assume the risks and forever release The Chocolate Crocodile, KTBS, and all related participants from any and all claims and causes of action that I or my representatives now have or may have in the future for personal injury, property damage or wrongful death occurring to me, arising out of participation. I am 100% liable for all medical expenses incurred as a result of any injury or property damage during my participation. This is a legally binding contract, but it is not meant to pronounce any claims or defenses that are legally prohibited. I have read and understand this document, and agree to all the provisions and rules.
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