The Chocolate Crocodile

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Our Mantra: Chocolate reminds us of all that is good about life!

BroussardThe Chocolate Crocodile is a business that produces fresh confectionary made of fine chocolates, homemade caramel, dipped fresh juicy fruit and covered by tasty crunchy nuts combined in a manner that will lift your day to emblazoned new heights.

Chocolate is produced from the Cocoa Bean of the Cacao Tree found in hot wet areas like South America, Africa and Indonesia. The beans are fermented, dried, roasted and milled to produce a pure chocolate liquid. Other ingredients like milk and sugar are mixed with the chocolate to give it its flavor that we all love.

Why do we love chocolate? Chocolate helps reduce stress by releasing endorphins from our brain. Endorphins change the body´s way of perceiving the outside world. So when the day appears to be stressful, chocolate will fire up your endorphins and help you change your perspective by reminding you of all that is good about life.

The Chocolate Crocodile is dedicated towards bringing life´s goodness to you in an elegant, personal atmosphere. The Chocolate Crocodile specializes in selling the finest chocolate and caramel delicacies covering the largest juiciest fruits and wrapped in the tastiest crunchiest nuts. These products are ideal for a refreshing dessert after a delicious meal, placing in an elegant gift basket for that special someone or displaying as accouterments at your lovely daughter´s wedding.


- All That Is Good In Life, Chocolate! -

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